Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V.


WisteV (Economic Criminal Law Association) is a recognised nationwide not-for-profit association. Its objectives include, in particular, the promotion of science and doctrine and practical communication in the field of white collar crime and associated legal areas and activities.

WisteV is the port of call for anyone interested in the law on white collar crime and links to other activities and areas of the law – be they lawyers, people working in corporate compliance and legal departments, consultants in fraud and forensic services, scientists or personnel working for the judiciary or administration. The focus at WisteV is on interdisciplinary communication, with involvement in the law on white collar crime in its very widest sense being the connecting factor. WisteV is a young group. It feeds on the ideas, contributions and constructive support of its members.

WisteV’s aims are achieved by holding events, publishing, and promoting up-and-coming talent. The training marketplace facilitates speedy uncomplicated specialist access to professionals looking for trainees, junior staff or scientific personnel in the white collar crime field.

Once a year WisteV awards the Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. prize (WisteV Prize). The prize is given for the white collar crime dissertation or post-doctorate treatise considered to be the best from a practical perspective. Although a thesis does not have to come from any particular subject area it must have a clear emphasis on the practical aspects of the law on white collar crime. The prize of 1,000 euros is awarded at the annual New Year Conference.

WisteV publishes the WisteV-Journal ‘ WiJ’– the first free inter-disciplinary cross-border online periodical on issues of the law on white collar crime. Here you will find articles on current commercial law matters, reports on white collar crime symposiums, introductions and instruction in specific areas of the law on white collar crime, comments on court judgments, appeals and reviews.

The Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (WisteV) inaugural event took place on 22 May 2009 in Frankfurt am Main.

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