Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V.

Association profile

There are few other legal disciplines that are so closely interlinked with other fields of law and subject areas as white collar criminal law.
Interdisciplinary and international exchange is therefore of fundamental importance and should ideally include all parties involved. This is where WisteV comes in: the association brings together all stakeholders and aspects of the multidisciplinary field of white collar criminal law: WisteV finds common ground, sheds light on specific legal problems, opens up dialogue and raises awareness for the risks of criminal liability in the world of business.

WisteV is a german non-profit association committed to advancing science, teaching and practical exchange in the field of white collar criminal law and related fields and activities.

WisteV welcomes anyone interested in white collar criminal law how it relates to other fields of law and activities. WisteV members can be lawyers, in-house advisors in the fields of compliance and law, fraud and forensic services consultants, researchers and members of the justice system and administration. WisteV‘s main aim is the interdisciplinary and international exchange, with white collar criminal law being the link between all parties.

WisteV is a young association. It thrives on the ideas, contributions and proactive commitment of its members. WisteV members meet once a year at the Annual Conference to hear a variety of speakers from the legal, economic and political world. It is a real opportunity to engage in direct inter-disciplinary exchanges on hot topics of the law on white collar crime.

The work of WisteV continues throughout the year in the form of regional or national groups and practice groups . Our regional network facilitates fast direct exchange between local members and also offers non-members a chance to get to know WisteV and its members. The national groups widen horizons beyond national borders, indulging in lively dialogue with lawyers from other countries specialising in the law on white collar crime. The regional groups – in conjunction with practice groups – organise their own evening regional meetings on white collar crime topics. Details are to be found in the calendar of events.

The practice groups work on various specific issues of the law on white collar crime; here members can always suggest new topics and share their experiences.

WisteV welcomes ideas from members as well as their active participation and formative influence on task forces and regional groups. Please get in touch with our contact personnel if you would like to play a part here.

Once a year WisteV awards the Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. prize (WisteV Prize). The prize is given for the white collar crime dissertation or post-doctorate treatise considered to be the best from a practical perspective. Although a thesis does not have to come from any particular subject area it must have a clear emphasis on the practical aspects of the law on white collar crime. The prize of 1,000 euros is awarded at the annual New Year Conference.